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Malaga, Spain is a Smart Mediterranean City with a surrounding innovative ecosystem called Malaga Valley for its high-tech industry, its Smart City initiatives and its entrepreneurial spirit. With a metropolitan population of 1.1 million (8 % foreign), it is a dynamic Southern European hub and the gateway to the famous tourist destination, “Costa Del Sol”.

Malaga’s economic growth was 3.5% in 2015 and 3% in 2016.With an average of 14 companies per day created, Malaga continues to lead regional growth and is ranked 4th nationally.1,000 jobs were created last year in the technology sector as employment in the Andalucian Technological Park (PTA) grew more than 8 %. Malaga boasts one of the largest European business incubator networks, consisting of 14 facilities with capacity for more than 300 startups. The first Spanish National Digital Content Center of Excellence opens in 2017.

Malaga has a rich historical heritage, such as the Catholic Cathedral, the Arab Castle known as “Alcazaba”, the Roman theater and more than 32 museums, including the Museum and birthplace of Pablo Picasso, center Pompidou in Malaga, the Collection from the Russian Museum of Art in S. Petersburg, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Contemporary Art Centre and a comprehensive network of museums for music, food , Holy Week, flamenco, popular arts and more. The city is the birthplace of the famous painter Pablo Picasso and the international actor Antonio Banderas. Malaga’s culture is not only an attraction for more than one million tourists every year, but is also part of our way of being, living and working.

Low labor costs juxtaposed with a high quality of life make Malaga an ideal place to live, work and to invest. Malaga promotes business as demonstrated by the extensive network of organizations and institutions dedicated to business and financial support. This comprehensive local and provincial support is supplemented by aid from regional and national administrations.

Businesses receive assistance during the different phases of the setup process: office selection, startup grants and financial aids, launch coordination and later continued support. The City of Malaga, through its Productive Economy department, is devoted to building relationships with international companies and providing support throughout the process, by providing customized confidential assistance.

Malaga is a city located in southern Spain. Its location makes it a strategic point of entry to do business with Europe as well as bridge to the emerging markets of Africa. In the last few years, Malaga has undergone enormous growth in terms of quality and quantity of infrastructure, transforming into a fully equipped city that meets all of the logistics needs for international commerce.

Malaga has a complete network linking the city by land, air, and sea to major European hubs and to the rest of the world. More than 40 airlines operate out of the city’s international airport flying to 133 destinations. More than 16 million passengers came through in 2016, making it Spain’s fourth busiest airport.

Malaga Seaport is the second most important for cruise ships in Spain and the sixth in the Mediterranean Sea. More than 253 ships docked in the port and more than 442,500 passengers disembarked in 2016, filling the city with tourist activity and driving major economic growth.

An immense railway network connects Malaga to all the important points in Spain. Madrid is only 2.5 hours away and the train gets you to Cordoba in less than an hour. There are also lines that connect other major urban cities like Barcellona, Seville and Zaragoza.

The City’s Airport, the Andalusian Technological Park and The University of Malaga make up what is known as Malaga’s Productive Triangle: a consolidated network that connects knowledge, technology, business, infrastructure and people. Malaga has more than 30 productive, educational, technical, logistical and business areas covering 10.5 million square meters.

The Industrial Parks are equipped with the Logistic Centres that serves towns across the Andalucian region, given the central location of Malaga. Everything is well connected with land, air and sea transport hubs.


Central and regional governments, universities and the European Union offer a variety of incentives, grants and loans for business. Categories including training and employment, industry specific (tourism, renewable energies), R&D project financing, technology, Digital Content, internationalization, SME Business Development and European Union aid grants.

The main advantages for establishing your company here are as follows:

Competitive costs
At a global level, in the City of Malaga, the cost of a piece of land in the urban region sums up to about 267,7 euro/Square meter, against that on the national level which amounts to 292,1 euro/Square meter according to the statistics calculated in the second semester of 2016.

Highly qualified professionals
Malaga offers a variety of well trained professionals covering different sectors for a price of 17,53% less compared to the costs a company bears at the national level in the whole of Spain. This offers great opportunities to the industrial sector and those of services including information and communication sectors. Spain is one of the 40 countries in the world that concentrates investments on human resources. The University of Malaga is an excellent example where every year 15.000 students in social science and law are issued and more than 7.000 engineering and architecture students are introduced in the working market. The percentage of graduates every year constitutes 33.9% of the total number of graduates at a national level.

High Quality of a Cosmopolitan Life
There are many reasons to live in Malaga but of all of them can be summed up in three words: Work Life Balance. Malaga is one of the top ten European cities in terms of quality of life according to the last European Commission Eurobarometer and many factors put the city on the top of the list.

Weather, with 307 sunny days a year and an average outdoor temperature of 18.4% give Malaga in habitants the chance to enjoy her charms all year round. Its Mediterranean climate keeps temperatures moderate with minor variations between seasons.

Cultural and leisure activities, Museums, theaters, concert halls, art galleries, professional basketball and football teams and a variety of restaurants of distinct cuisines….Malaga also has first class sporting offerings like golfing, nautical sports, mountain trails, tennis courts and sports complexes. There are lots of things to do, during free.

Safety, Malaga is a safe city. In fact, it is one of the safest in the Mediterranean. You can walk any part of the city with complete security, so you can appreciate everything it has to offer and explore its most secluded spots.

Multi-cultural, Malaga has always been an open and cosmopolitan city, hospitable with its visitors. This has meant that a large foreigner community lives and works in the city. Employees recently relocated with their families will be able to integrate themselves easily and quickly into the life of the city.

History, Malaga’s rich history means the city is an open-air museum which can be relished by walking down its many pedestrian streets in the city center. Different cultures have left their mark on the city’s streets and squares, bequeathing impressive monuments like the city’s Catholic Cathedral, the Roman Theater and the Moorish Alcazaba. All of this makes Malaga a rich and lively city full of cultural traditions.



Malaga counts up to 38.000 companies in its productive network out of which 5% is represented by the logistics. In percentage, 44% is concentrated in the regional level and 9% in the national level. The logistic area in Malaga covers 64 hectors and is divided in two sectors, Trévenez and Buenavista to reach maximum efficiency possible in the logistic sector.


1.5% the companies in Malaga are represented by the technological sector with a 44% in the regional level and 13% in the national level. The Malaga Club Valley is a technological city situated in the metropolitan area which is also named as” The European Silicon Valley”. This area has become the place that attracts major investors worldwide in the technological and software industries including communication services. It is specialized in the creation of the “Smart Citys” with special attention towards sustainable and green energy, making Malaga an important reference at the international level. The main pillars of this project are characterized by three important elements that are innovation, the internationalization and rendering itself reachable to new investors , world wide.To mention a few, Telefònica, Anovo, HP, IBM, Vodafone, Fujitsu, Indra, the University of Malaga and many others are all a part of the club. The Technological Park of Anadalucia (TPA) is entirely dedicated to the development of new technologies and is one of its kind at the national level, this too is a part of the “Silicon Valley”. Within the TPA you can find the following important structures

  • I.A.S.P The International Association of the Scientific and Technological Parks
  • APTE Association of Scientific and Technological Parks of Spain
  • EBN European Business and Innovation Centre Network
  • ANCES National Association of Spanish CIEE

The TPA, at the moment, officially still has very much to offer with more 100.000 square meters on sale either to buy or rent for business opportunities. Contact us, we will be happy to share more details with you, if you are interested.


6% out of 38.000 companies constituting the economic productivity in Malaga is dedicated to the health sector which are 2.231 companies resulting in 45% at the regional level and 11% at the national level.

There are 4 Regional Hospitals in Malaga. The health sector extends to private where 7 huge private hospitals are found. There are numerous private clinics available to those who desire to go to private institutes for cures, especially the population from Great Britain and from North Europe. This explains why for every 100.000 inhabitants, there are 1.739 doctors and 1.042 nurses.

We offer the unique opportunity with customized tours tailored to answer your every enquiry in terms of opening, expanding or re-locating your business in this territory. If you need any of the below mentioned services, do not hesitate to call us.

We can help.
  • Guide you through the legal process of establishing a company
  • Provide economic data about the current business environment
  • Identify financial incentives, grants and loans from local, regional and European institutions
  • Organize commercial visits to the city
  • Contact major companies and possible business partners
  • Introduce you to venture capitalists and Business Angels
  • Help identify land and/or office space

We are acquainted with the public and private office in terms of administrative, commercial and financial services. Come and meet us we’ll help you out in enrolling your business plan! We can’t wait to help.

The Spanish Government has a specific immigration policy for business people, entrepreneurs, investors and qualified non EU nationals based o an agile and specialized system for visas. The characteristics are as follows:

We can help.
  • A single authorization for living and working valid anywhere in Spain
  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen member states
  • Streamlined processing:10 days for visas and 20 days for residence permits, combined processing for spouses and children

We can help you out with information, we are ever ready!!

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